Flickr announces Photo Session

I have been obsessed with Flickr for a number of years now and today my friend Seb pointed me to their new feature Photo Session.  This is about sharing photos in Flickr with friends in real-time from anywhere.  Photos can be commented on, flipped and drawn on in a group of up to 10 friends.  So this gets me thinking of how we could be using Photo Session not only online but also in our galleries.  If our Flickr photos are available onsite and visitors could connect with their friends then perhaps some interesting comments and stories could be made using the collections that we have made available in Flickr.  Perhaps this is a way to allow our less connected visitors to experience online photo sharing and story telling.   The session can last for 24 hours so it allows visitors to continue the experience once they leave the museum.  Photo Session is still in preview mode but I will be interested to see how this unfolds.

Flickr screenshot

Sharing digital stories

This is a space where I will share some stories and ideas about photography, audio visuals, digital content, museums + some of the things that I think are pretty cool.  Museums are going through some exciting, but challenging changes at the moment and one of the areas that I find really interesting is the intergration of online digital experiences with the onsite physical spaces that musuems provide.  Museums have enormous potential to create deeper and richer experiences with audiences through implementing appropriate technology and content that enables visitors to delve deeper into stories and information around objects, people and places.

I have been blogging for a while over here and now I find myself wanting to explore some of these issues and stories a little further in this new space too.

Photo by Paula

CC BY-NC 3.0