Paula Bray currently manages the Visual & Digitisation services team at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.  She has worked in the cultural sector for many years and is passionate about how digital content integrates online experiences with onsite exhibitions.  Paula is an advocate for Open Acess projects and Creative Commons licensing and actively promotes digital initiatives that implement these strategies.

Paula has several years of experience in the creative concept, production and delivery of creative, digital projects and services that are cross media and cross platform. She is passionate about building communities, networked audiences, technology, linked open data, story-telling and geo-location services that are all changing the way that content is consumed and shared.

Paula is on the Board of Directors for the Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) as the Director, Community and Cultural bodies to share with the team how technology and audiences are driving change within the sector and how we can learn from this to allow better access to content for research, community growth and innovation.

Paula has previously worked as a photographer for the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the State Library of New South Wales and The Australian National Maritime Museum. Paula has worked as a freelance photographer and had several exhibitions of her work. Her work has been collected by the College of Fine Arts and private collectors. Paula studied photography at the College of Fine Arts for 5 years doing a Bachelor of Art and a Master of Art whilst also receiving the Agfa Gevaert award for the most innovative use of photography upon graduating.

This blog is Paula’s personal view of how the cultural sector apply digital content strategies to enusre that the experiences they create are holistic from web to floor and back.  The discussions on this blog do not represent the official views of the Powerhouse Museum.

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